Saturday, 11 February 2012


Weight loss has been a bit slow, only list 3-4 pounds since I last updated you. But! My fat content has gone from 33% to 28% and my muscle mass has increased 2% as well. I can actually see a line of definite muscle on my 3 weeks...this is actually working.

Week 4 run 1

Ok so week 4 started today. Haven't missed a run yet!
Today was the usual 5 minute warm up walk 3 minute run 1.5 walk 5 minute run, and repeat for a total of 16 minutes running. Can't believe I can actually do that now. Only a few weeks ago I was dying after 1 minute runs. Happy with my fitness progress so far.

Hello again

Yeah, so I've been a bit cack at keeping this blog thing up to date, I just find it hard to say the same things over and over. Went for a run, ate some food etc etc. will have a think about what I can do to spice this up a notch. Bam.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Ow. But a good ow. Fitball was fun! An hour long session flew in, never noticed the time to be honest. Feeling it in my shoulders and calves, which will likely make tomorrows run a right laugh! Anyhoo, off for a shower. Nanight.

Week 2 run 2

Feels a bit easier this running lark! Might I actually be getting fitter.....?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Oh hai, I'm back

Sorry if you been missing my blog posts. I've picked up a sinus infection and that put me out of action on Friday. Got out for a run on Saturday morning. Was the start of week 2, had to run for 1.5 minutes walk for 2. Not too bad either. Had some friends over on Saturday night, which was great. Except for the cigarettes I smoked. What a dumbass. I think I've convinced them all to give up too, so that should make things a whole lot easier. Anyway. Watching a terrible 80's movie that I loved. The best of the best.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Rest day

Its a rest day today, soooo I'm resting. Started on my supplements today, vanilla flavour, not bad. Had a shake for breakfast and one at lunch with an apple. Felt full all day, so that's good. Nothing else to report really. Feeling good and still up for the challenge.